Tanay Karnik


I love working on side projects and experimenting with new ideas (placing small bets).

Balancing my time between all these ideas is a bit of a struggle since I have a ton of open ideas and keep getting new ones.

But I try to keep track of them and journal my progress (on this website and X).


Kal is a open source, self-hosted, CLI-based email marketing/newsletter tool that I’m currently working on.


Goals.lol is your personal AI-powered journal and mentor that helps you stay on track and build good habits.

This is something I have currently stashed, but it initially served as a way for me to dive into LLMs.

I might come back to a revised version of this in the future.


SurveyWiz is a Typeform alternative which enables superfast text-based survey creation and response collection.


Chesspocalypse is a browser-based multiplayer game for 2-10 players. It’s a real-time, battle royale version of chess.