Tanay Karnik


Hey there! I’m Tanay Karnik.

Welcome to my website! This is where I share my thoughts and showcase my projects.

I’m passionate about exploring and testing new project ideas, and I love writing about software, startups, and technology.

In June 2024, I took a leap and left my role as a Tech Lead at Bild to focus full-time on my side projects and content creation.

I’m also an active member of the Small Bets community, where we believe in placing small bets and learning from small wins.


To support my projects and writing, I offer freelance services in:

Technical Consultation#

I help small companies set up their tech infrastructure and make informed design choices, allowing them to focus on their core value propositions without worrying about technology.

I assist businesses in scaling their tech quickly in fast-paced environments by identifying low-hanging fruit to maximize impact.

Mentorship and Code Review#

I do code reviews and mentorship.

I have 1-1 sessions with team members to help them grow in their roles and boost both individual performance and collboration.

I dive into codebases to spot big-picture issues and help fix them gradually. This involves creating action plans, reviewing pull requests, and setting up smooth processes.


With a solid track record across various tech stacks, I—not so humbly—pride myself on my problem-solving and debugging skills.

Stuck on a technical issue you can’t seem to figure out? Briefly describe the problem to me, and let’s hop on a call to resolve it!

Tech Stack#

Here are some technologies I enjoy working with:

  • Frontend: React, Tailwind, Vue, NextJS, Astro.
  • Backend: AWS, Serverless, NodeJS, Go, Django.

Feel free to reach out to me via Email, X, or LinkedIn for work or other ideas.

I love talking to people and try to respond to all communications within a day or two.